Posted by Banana217 (12/04/17 05:45 PM)
So I made an account just so I could comment on this. I had my first trip a couple years ago and I took 4 gs, which was such a bad idea lmfaoo. But anyway, one of the few memories I have of it was me in a white room with no windows or doors but a giant screen was showing something I can't remember and a voice from all around said "there is no God". And I got a feeling that I wasnt real, just an AI. (And I never had any kind of existential crisis) so I don't think it was psychological... Anyway since then i had a few trips where nothing was out of the ordinary (probably cause I didn't take too much). I would love to talk about the matrix and hear what you believe :) or not, just thought it was interesting we had similar epiphanies lol