Posted by biniffle (10/16/13 02:42 PM)
i had a very bad trip on methoxetamine (a legal form of ketamine) which i should have never dabbled with. the trip was very intense, worst of it lasting 2 hours, i took allot. i am an experienced "tripper" and have taken most hallucinogens but this was something else, scary, unsettling and mind bending, i wont go into details much but i basically thought i had died for several hours, finally snapping back to reality. it took me a little more than a year to set things right in my head again and stop myself replaying that evening n my head which was bringing back the tortuous feelings as well. i got over however by telling myself that it was literally all in my head and nothing could change what had happened, i guess i just decided to deal with it and put it to the back of my mind, telling myself nothing can be changed and not too think about it any more as the paranoia it left me with was interfering with my life. all in all i would just say accept it stop thinking about it if you can, get hobbies to take your mind of it, also speak to close friends or family who you think would understand your feelings. 

bit of a ramble but hope it helps