Posted by Reggie the Ragdoll (02/17/14 03:33 PM)
These kind of experiences are quite common in 5th level trip context. This definitely is one. There is more lesser level trips if even trips described in this 5th level thread than real 5th level trips. Its annoying to read some 2nd level reports when reporter thinks he had 5th level trip, this was enjoyable to read. There are many things that gives up a fake report, this didn
Posted by Onlyhuman_89erLLL (02/10/13 12:22 PM)
how old is this 1999? dude i felt the same shit you felt all the things you describe i experienced myself may be not all of it some more personal but the humming the aliens the dancingĀ  object enitys , in my experience i was probed a few times to my hips and chest .