Posted by SmokeDro21 (04/04/13 06:23 PM)

see this always makes me wonder what type of trip I would have, because the things you learned like the body just being a temporary vessel I already figured out naturally just through thinking about EVERYTHING. and being a true believer in god.

but you must relies that you will receive some truth and some deception from your trip. like the truth of you being an eternal sprit and the body being nothing more than your temporary vehicle. and then the deception of you having many bodies in the past and will have many more in the future .

the reason for this is there is the most powerful sprit of all witch of course is God ,and the second most powerful sprit being Satan, and they are truly in a fight for your soul.

so Satan will deceive you by making you think your soul just keeps going to other bodies [[reincarnation]] while the truth being that as every human is born, so is a NEW soul inside that human.

and this human body and earth is used to decide where are everlasting soul will dwell for eternity. Once you do die you will meet god and  go on to your assigned place of dwelling for eternity witch is only one of two places heaven or hell.

and there's only one true god and that's the father of Abraham, Jesus Christ. see god made it real easy for everyone to get to heaven by sending his only begotten son as the ultimate sacrifice for all of are sins, before Jesus humans would have to make sacrifices to God to pay for there sins. now the only thing that we have to do is receive god as our lord and savior and ask Jesus to come into are hearts and when we sin we just simply ask god to forgive us and he will.

So next time you go on a trip just be very aware of the truth and the deception that comes with it.

Sincerely, SmokeDro21

PS: you may imagine me as a little nice guy but in reality im far from it. im considered among many to be mean, violent and a druggie. so don't think im some lil perfect Christian guy going around preaching. I'm just enlightening you about your experience..