Posted by My College E (04/15/13 08:10 PM)
I had a similar experience to the part when you thought you were in hell. I had taken 1.7g dried at 1:00pm and another 1g at 2:00pm just as I started coming up and by 3 I had forgotten I had taken shrooms or even what they were. I kept asking myself did I eat mushrooms? Are those a real thing? Then I had asked my mom why I was confused and if I had done something but I didn't understand what she said to me. I sat on the couch and remembered telling myself something would happen at 8. I now know I had told myself that the trip would last at most 8 hrs but I had confused that for 8pm. I remember my thoughts racing and repeating over and over and I had thought I had died and I was in limbo and depending on what I did I would go to heaven or hell. I remember whenever I tried to do something like smoke a bowl I started feeling sick or hot or cold so I had to stop so I thought everything I wanted to do was wrong and I had to figure out the right thing to do to get out before 8 or I would go to hell at 8. So I thought if everything I think is right is actually wrong what's the worst thing I could do? So I thought I had to kill myself to go to heaven before I ran out of time and went to hell. Well after contemplating my options I checked the clock and to my surprise it was only 3:05. What had seemed like hours appeared to have been only 5 minutes. I figured then if I had till 8 I had plenty of time to experiment before killing myself. I then thought I would drive down to the casino if I was really in limbo I should be able to do whatever and if not someone would just stop me from leaving. Well I went outside first to see what it was like and I remember this part well. It was cloudy and getting dark but still light out. The sky was grey. No wind, no birds, no cars, nothing at all. The world outside felt dead and the dark looming in the distance down the road felt like hell. Just being outside felt like hell. I've heard hell described as being completely disconnected from god and I don't even really believe in god but being outside during this trip just felt so cold dark and alone and then there was my house warm and bright with people inside that seemed to fill me with idk... spirit.. the closer I was until I went back inside. I spent the rest of my time sitting on my couch trapped in my thoughts with the idea of killing myself coming up over and over until my dad came home and offered to take me to a friends house. I actually understood what he was saying and I asked him if this was reality. He looked at me funny and told me yea and asked how I was doing. I replied ok and said I didn't need to go to my friends house. My cell phone didnt seem to work anyway so I didn't even know if he was home. I had realized I was back to reality and in fact I had never left so I thought it was a damn good thing I didn't kill myself. Since then I make sure there are no firearms nearby when tripping... Actually I've only tripped once since then but it was great and I had a few revelations that have benifitted me from the trip and I understand better now how to use this wonderful drug to its full potential.
Posted by wem420 (02/18/13 01:28 AM)
That wasnt a level 5 trip :x the only time you literally thought you were in your OBE was during the time in your covers, and right after that you started to try to take your eyes out.... possible level 5 at the covers, but people have been there and farter i believe :)
Posted by StartingNew (08/24/08 08:13 PM)
Woah buddy, I think shrooms are cool.