Posted by jesus christ (08/16/08 04:58 PM)
i think this kid was suffering from derealization while high off the marijuana. i dont think it had anything to do with the shrooms. he was just in an uncomfortable place with a face that he wasnt farmilliar with and he must have sat there quiet and that made him slip into a deep thought. since marijuana is known for making people paranoid, it wouldnt be very pleasent slipping into a deep thought while paranoid. I think thats what made him have a panic attack. Panic attacks are not fun. especially when you're high and extremely emotional. it is easy to see why he was so horrified. derealization is a mental state where you feel that everything is fake and nothing seems real. it completely changes your perspective on life and its scary. just imagine not being able to tell the difference between a dream and reality. unless you have felt this before, its impossible to understand how horrifying it is. a lot of people who suffer from derealization think that they're going crazy. i am willing to bet that this guys perspective of life has completely changed. By that i dont mean that hes more greatful to be alive, but he just doesnt look at things the way he used to.