Posted by MrLuvaluva (05/14/12 06:14 PM)
Good thread, The whole terminolgy used to describe the trip/trips is new to me, i've never really found a way to describe it before and seeing the whole ego death description in text sums it up perfectly and i believe i have undergone this an awful lot, infact practically everytime on mushrooms and i'll even go as far to say Psilocybin is more potent than LSD in this respect, I must say i was seldom euphoric in this state but was very young at the time also, it definately has a knack of making you stronger and see yourself from the outside looking in!  I have no regrets though!  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
Posted by cheshirect666 (12/21/07 12:51 PM)
i personally have experianced ego death. at the time it was a very scary ordeal. now i look back on it and it has changed me for the better. thank you for posting this it has brought me to a better understanding of ego death. now i am hoping to soon step up to the next level ego-loss