Posted by moeandtripislove (06/11/09 10:00 PM)
I know where your comming from its fucked up its happened twice well i actually died once on mushrooms and 2 weeks ago i ate acid for teh first time eating acid since my little 3 month everyweekend binge about 6 months ago anyways i was trippin balls having wicked fun but then shit turned , i felt like the mushroom vibes from the kids who were trippin of mush were taking over my acid trip and yeah i dont even know i freaked out again , i almost had to call my mmom to get me but all the kids were like no no, i thought i was gonna drop dead on the ground i felt like i was gonna get an anyeurusm in my fucking brain yo it was fuckin nuts but yeah read my mushroom trip on lvl 5 its  death on mushrooms?
Posted by someman (05/03/09 10:20 AM)
why would you go to the hospital. you shouldn't trip if you can't handle it.
Posted by Nightwolf1074 (02/06/09 09:49 PM)
Oh god, I felt that tonight. I died and prayed and prayed. Oh god I empathize with you. Read my trip report its alot like yours.
Its called The Night I Died.
Posted by northernlights (11/25/08 06:53 PM)

Ive fried quite a few times. I usually eat about 4 grams.  we always run it to azurescens that grow by the ocean. Last saturday I ate like 9 grams moist,  I fried balls, I had a bad trip

I didnt know ne thing , i was seein stuff everywhere, I was paranoid as hell, str8 trippn, i didnt know where i wanted to be . It was intense . Dogs act krazy when your frying whats up with that?  But the doga were trippn on me rubn me , it was  freakn me out, there was just someone around  and i didnt feel comftorable. and we drove out to the sand dunes and fried nuts, and i went to my buddys camper and there was like  6 people fryin in it, there was alot of vibes or sutmthn. watched the sunset go down, then we cruised around blazn chronic  and i snpped out of it.  mushrooms are badass you have to respect them. I do.   i ate  too much that  day,  if ne one is from washington checkout the okanogen barter faire. ive fried like 3 times this year so i think im gonna chill til next year

Posted by MHbound (05/18/08 02:02 PM)
Mushrooms are NOT for people who try and control everything, and thats exactly what you did. Mushrooms take over your body, mind, and soul. If you don't wish to lose control NEVER take mushrooms, because one day it will happen. In a trip like that you just have to let yourself go completely, and trust that you will return to your normal state soon. You fucked up ;]
Posted by fiasco (02/22/08 01:32 AM)
i can say that i have never been fucked up enough to demand something foolish and not realize it
Posted by Silent_Vinny (06/30/07 01:10 AM)

Ya can't fuck around with the mushroom, it will be in your memory. But don't let it haunt you, a lot of us obsessed the fry when we first took the ride. And not having any knowledge of how truly mind bending a heroic dose is, it's obvious that the little shroomers are going to learn early.

Took me two weeks to go back there, making sure that it was right. With my buddies, who were young and curious, who knew about my two week ago crazy fucked up experience with an 8 gram dried trip, that was the day after my first trip that was 4 gram. I chose the same room, and they kicked in before my dad went to church. Poor guy had to guide me through the craziness, I was in and out of reality, nothing made sense, nothing was right. My dad prayed for me, and I remember feeling very sorry and bad and that my only wish was that I could have another chance.

I knew I couldn't blame the mushroom, like what my dad obviously tried to make me think I should. I knew that I took way to much, and it was to close from the first one which was deep in itself, I remember thoughts during the comedown that told me I should of been with my friends, I should of been out. (well it was a very bad winter).

The trip after with my friends in all it's weridness, told me that these things are a part of me, they always have been, always will. For some reason I know they won't make me steer away from what I have to do for my meaning in this place.

Posted by ball_tripper (05/14/07 06:27 PM)
Your a major fool, for

1. trying to out eat somone with shrooms
2.being a dick and freaking out, and not trying to calm yourself down