Posted by waahtaaa (11/11/09 12:39 AM)
first that sucks man! never heard of anything like that. don't even trip dawg. and yeah shrooms first time, don't ever listen to people who've done em and try to tell you the dosage. my first time my friend had 4 grams i ate like 2g's and because its not immediate and i had only done weed and xanax bars then i wasn't used to waiting. he was like wow pussy, 2 moreg's not even worth it. so i ate the rest. and the next 6 hours were hell i was spitting and kept asking waht time it was. the scariest part of shrooms is, if you're watching a scary movie sober and you get scared you close your eyes. but if you get scared on shrooms, there is no escape. you shut your eyes and you're still in teh nightmare. i was calling people my dad i was feeling sad/irritated/depressed/stupid and then i would feel really happy. goodluck on future trips though. i do a smaller dose like 2.5 and i love it :D