Posted by fallenchicken (06/15/09 03:22 PM)

That's so fucked up man. But I guess it worked out since someone actually was allergic to shrooms...

But still who calls the cops when your tripping.
Posted by Innoculus (11/24/08 12:08 AM)
This is why you don't take drugs to get "fuked up".  Lesson Learned.
Posted by Lubossa (06/21/08 11:52 AM)

If you dont have full control of the situation then dont dose.
Posted by Sexylove (01/25/08 12:21 PM)
I would bug the fuck out if I got arrested while I was tripping !!! Something similar happened with the allergic reaction to my sister one time.. It was LSD though.. These drugs are very serious and not to  be taken by weak minded people !!! Or if your allergic  ? :)
Edited 1/25/2008 2:22 PM
Posted by GOOSH14 (11/06/07 09:36 PM)
Man thats some crazy shit!!!
Posted by sketch masta (08/03/07 01:16 AM) did the cops know u were on something? did u go to jail? did u kick that fags ass!?