Posted by Fortius_Penguin (05/18/09 07:17 PM)
I don't think I can say much that hasn't been said before me, but you wasted mushrooms, my friend.... For that, I can never forgive you.

You don't bake them in the oven, silly.

It makes me sad to see a Canadian with such a low understanding of mushrooms. Drugs in general, actually.
Being a proud Canadian, and an avid mushroom enthusiast, I think you should really go back and learn a bit about the drug before you
go and do something silly like that again.

Seriously. You don't need anywhere near an ounce of mushrooms to achieve the strongest of effects. Try three grams next time. But don't bake it...

And don't mix alcohol with mushrooms. That's just a not-so-great idea for many reasons.

Come on, dude. Either get real, or go trip. But don't pull anymore bullshit like this.
Posted by seabass341 (10/23/08 04:57 PM)
This is such an epic fail.  Whoever wrote this is either a liar, an idiot, or a bit of both.

First of all, his credibility takes a hit when he doesn't realize that acid and lsd are the same thing.  The fact that the author heated the mushrooms in an oven before eating them means that he basically destroyed them, causing him to have a mild trip that for some reason he felt needed to be described as level 5.

Here is what I think really happend:
The author took a few hits of weed and got really drunk.  He then wasted a large portion of his shrooms by heating them.  He then interpreted the fact that he was rly high to be that he was tripping, which he wasnt rly.  He then passed out.  What the author describes is nothing more than the feelings you get when u get rly high.

Reading an account like this makes me sick.  I happen to be Canadian and I love weed and shrooms.  This author gives people like me a bad name because he sounds like a total moron.
Posted by snazzinator37 (09/16/08 11:10 PM)
Wow, this is interesting. Considering that psilocybin is destroyed by heat, it's quite remarkable that you tripped so hard off of mushrooms that were baked in the oven. But I don't know man, maybe you're just super cool. Good idea mixing mushrooms with alcohol, too. I'm not even sure why I'm writing this to you, you must be dead by now, considering that you sound like a complete dumbass. People need to learn to respect mushrooms because they are a powerful drug, oh man, are they ever a powerful drug. They're a drug the way white people use them, like myself, carelessly and harmfully. They should be eaten for healing, not recreationally. 
Posted by aberrant (08/14/07 12:46 PM)
ummm... since when are there not a lot of mushrooms in BC? Unless you're living way up in the northern interior or something.
Posted by Ellezdey (02/20/07 02:43 AM)

"I've also done acid twice, dropped LSD 4 times"





Same thing, man. LySergic acid Diethylamide (LSD) or Acid.