Posted by Munkyspoon (08/25/08 07:03 PM)
that is an awesome story, im trying to consider how many shrooms to take, and this helped me out a lot, cause im gunna take a lot.
Posted by psilocybeMAN (03/06/08 10:54 AM)
i couldn't imagine taking 8 grams. the most would be like 5 g's. thats enough anyway haha. the most ive taken was like 2.8 g's and that was the most visual trip ive ever had next to lsd
Posted by Silent_Vinny (06/30/07 12:50 AM)

I know that feeling about making it all up. It's fuckin scary because you think when shit goes wrong with others that it's your fault.

What I gathered out of your experience, what with the american flag and mind crazy puppet master shit, is that we all create what we do and what we say that will affect others, and how what they say affects you. The only way is the right way, a way that sends a full of life vibe at all times.