Posted by Endless Summer (12/09/09 05:24 PM)

bt yeah, doesnt looks like i will be taking salvia anytime sooon,

its all about shroom, truffles and the euphoric spiritual trip

if i wanna gor all tripping balls BONKERS, might as well jst eat my own head
Posted by th1alb (03/13/08 08:16 PM)
Damn, what a sweet storry.
At first it was really happy and I had to laugh at some of your experiences, the chair, the morphed arms... but then it turns into a nightmare lol.
You need some different people to trip with it seems.
Posted by veda_sticks (08/03/07 04:19 AM)
thats heavy, i think maybe for the first time should start way lower than x21. Have some x5 extract on its way for my first time. While i am waiting will make myself i wee waterpipe