Posted by willzark (08/12/07 01:59 AM)

hey,  there is no need to do salvia with weed what so ever. i have done salvia 2 times now and what a fucking mind fuck. i know what you are saying about the elf people, i was trancended to a different world and my body was really heavy and from i remember there was 2 people and everything was like a cartoon, i remember the second time i was going to telll people about this other world and i was asking permission if it was ok to tell people and what i got was that it didn't matter, it was there world. it was sooo fraky the first time and well the second time, it was like ripping off the canvas of rality, there is another world out there that we are not aware of, the second time they said "welcome back" it was like a cartoon world, but the second time when i did it, my dog freaked out and started sniffing my body and then was sniffing my face and started whinning and crying so i couldn't stay there, she kept me too much in this world, my dog has NEVER acted like that, i truely belive i did leave and she knew it, i won't say i was dead, but i was not here on earth, i tried to smoke again like 10 mins later, but wasn't the same, i also had a fan blowing on me, it kept me from focusing, if you try it again i would say a nice lit room, dosn't have to be dark and no music or anything else going on in the room, i really want to talk to others about this, i am facinated to know if there really is another world, well, i do belive it, i want to find out from others. i read something that somesaid they need at least 3 days in between to figure out what they see. i really do belive that this is a very powerful drug, but my only question is, if the "other world" wasn't real, why would soo many people have the same experiences and be able to recount the same feelings> also, the first feeling when i know i am going to the other side and total pulling of my body down and then it's like i "pop" out on the other side, evrything is bright and i saw houses and bright sunlight and there was these 2 animated "people" can't really give a description and they were telling me that this was there world were they live and i was a visitor, they were happ to share there world with me. the second time my dog ruined it and the only thing i didn't like was i was sooo mad at my dog, i didfn't know what she wanted and acted the way she did. it's almost like the matrix movie, not that we have to save anything, but there really is a world out there we no nothing about i don't know if it's something we should conyinue to explore or leave it alone, i don't feel like i was unwanted but also don't know if it is a "good" world, i have readf stories about people calling it eveil and shit, still exploring. have you had any"after" affects? i really havn't couple little glitches in the matrix, but nothing i could say was from the salvia. pece out.

~will zark~