Posted by Nightwolf1074 (02/02/09 09:14 PM)
Damn. I'm bipolar myself. And I also suffer from depression. I am going to try them this week I can't wait!
Posted by jwiese604 (01/15/09 11:27 PM)
Here's my 2 cents:
I'm Bi-polar and ever since shrooms, i have been off medications. I truly believe that mushrooms can help disorders like mine.  I used to always be depressed but now i cherish life more then anything.
Posted by Mankey (05/22/07 11:31 PM)
oh man.... badass.
Posted by leviticus2013 (01/30/07 07:49 PM)
How do you know he was even trippin?  it could have just been a porn scene.  "are you trippin?  yea.  wow whats that light?!? (giggling to himself silently) wow yea I am so trippin!"

I dont know but last girl who shroomed with me was shrooming so hard she started blowing nose bubbles and I didnt even touch her!!!!