Posted by Filter3d (01/24/09 12:35 AM)
Amazing. These sorts of trips are the absolute best for me in most senses...for instance, when I am at a celestial high and am conversing with the gods, my mind feels somewhat overwhelemed (but at the same time, the ability to comprehend all). This sensation is not unpleasant, but far from relaxing.

The type of trip you had here, I would imagine, was extremely peaceful and ultimately a very mellow experience.

Good spirits, man.
Posted by sxe (03/05/07 05:33 AM)
very interesting, for me it sounds like you are looking into your future (because of seeing your grandchilds)
id whish to have intensive trips like this. greets
Posted by YangPile (02/13/07 02:47 PM)
Fucking awsome man. Sounds like a past life revision. At least thats what I'd take it as!
Be happy..have a good one.