Posted by hellflash2 (10/27/08 02:54 PM)
rue ive been told has  been an equal to Caapi when it comes to Maoi oneself, having only experienced Caapi with Dmt (psychotria) i cant say as to the smoothness of your rue trip. Ive been told Caapi is much more guiding, it might have something to do with the prescense of tetrahydroharmine which i believe rue may contain, but definitely much less of, this may explain the lack of fear i should have had, i just was like "yup, here we go again" and it all hit me on my best Aya trip. ive eaten chocolate at the peak of an intense abort trip, i feel as though it greatly amplified my trip for a period of 45 min or so. hitting about 15 after ingestion. and o god it was a rough ride.
i often have periods removed from time,
crazy things can happen there, like watching multiplice civilizations of organisms thrive and collapse and disapear without a trace, and these
crazies things gives us an insight to a perspective
we wouldnt have imagined,
isnt it interesting to play from the vantage point of

i dont think ill do it again, for a long while though im still reeling from the lessons in my last big bout.
have a good one