Posted by DreamsofPeace89 (12/12/09 12:16 AM)
PS Irony lies in that I too am growing mushrooms, though they are taking much longer than they should. My patience has for now led me to another outlet for a different perspective on life.
Posted by DreamsofPeace89 (12/12/09 12:15 AM)
This was an incredible read. And i am very glad to have found this when i did, as I plan to consume SP for the first time tonight. I plan to be amongst nature as yourself -- I feel it is the only true way to enjoy any psychedelic. Thank you for sharing your experience.

In Peace.
Posted by wind3d (11/25/07 08:24 PM)
That was a most intense read. great job, great writing style - i could have read for hours.
are you an author?