Posted by Saint Cold (04/01/23 01:35 PM)
I love the way you think and write.  It reminds me of a book I read called Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
Posted by WhoManBeing (02/05/23 07:31 PM)
I, aye, Eye. 

This 'I' of yours did not exist?  How did you, the one writing this to you, you be as answering with 'i,' that same 'i' that did perceive this experience. 

Just using lingo in words trying to make sense of this trip as been reading of how folk describe trip and using little thought easily said for sake of your brain deadness having trouble relating to your very own parents, that of the two who make up your genetic code. 

Are you vaccinated for CoVid (corporate video)?

Please, dont get lost in the dumb trips and mentality that projecting to self by following that of what other lame folk are using to communicate what said well in 'i just ate some kind of mushroom my mind is moving low. When logic and proportion have falling soggy dead."

Don't play dumb to that I that sees. Use your brain don't loose it. 
Posted by ACTSmokey (02/04/23 06:40 PM)
I like how you gave a reminder about the need to respect the mushroom's gift at the end, nice, thank you.