Posted by FaeryBryn (03/03/21 06:16 AM)
Thanks for the response, ninjacorn. I really didn't think anyone would read this, let alone comment, lol. I did wonder if the time loop feeling was due to the trip itself, but I've had empathic/psychic-type experiences most of my life. Sometimes it's as minute as an instant like or dislike for someone, other times I feel like I've known them forever though we only met 10 minutes ago, I sometimes had premonition dreams when I was younger, and I can sometimes tell what someone's feeling even through text (this last one was really profound with another lady I'd met around the same time as the above ex). I'm no psychic or anything, but I feel like I'm really sensitive to energy, and others who are too can feel my emotions when I intentionally or unintentionally blast them.

Was your loop more of a slow response time? Like your brain noticed, but you didn't until after the fact? I've experienced that before, and it's a strange feeling. I'm not an active tripper, and prefer laying in bed listening to music and watching visuals (I recently got a galaxy ceiling projector that I'm dying to trip with!), while my son in law used to walk around town with a friend while they both tripped. My daughter took about 2g and wanted to play my VR, like Beat Saber, lmfao. The last trip I had, I had guided meditations playing, as a way to make it more spiritual and very chill. I really want to experiment more, especially with microdosing, as I still having lingering issues from abuse at a young age, plus clinical depression and suicidal ideations. Do you trip often, or microdose at all?

Hopefully you see this, and I apologize for the late response :">
Posted by ninjacorn (01/30/21 12:38 PM)
Hey there! Thanks for sharing your experience, and part of your personal life. Although I can't say I've experienced such vivid past life/ future visions during sober life, I have felt the loop effect while tripping for sure. Last time I ingested a 4g ish dose, I stuck myself into a weird loop. I still am curious about the lesson from it, having only so far really reflected on how it made my experience of time feel off like I was 5 minutes behind what really was happening. I think, having thought about what I was doing physically as well as mentally during the trip, I realized that I was moving around a lot and potentially the moving around and not being still is a reflection of my mind being more scattered lately and not willing to let go and relax, although most times I do feel relaxed, so haha, I am not sure. I do feel like it has helped me though, but in what ways I don't know specifically yet haha.

Anyways,thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it very much, and feel quite a touch of inspiration. Your insightfulness is refreshing. <3. I hope you have a wonderful day.