Posted by The Mycologist (08/06/20 08:01 AM)
Thank goodness you didn't lick it at school.
Posted by Littlefoot (07/27/20 07:34 AM)
Your friends and family were exacerbating a bad trip by being in your face asking "whats wrong with you?". I work in an ER and I am a closet advocate for the use of psilocybin mushrooms. I have seen young adults come into the hospital having a bad trip because mom or dad caught them and didn't know what else to do but to seek medical care. Its fucked up because we have to stick them with needles and sometimes catheterize them to obtain specimens for lab analysis. Sometimes I wish I could just dim the lights, give them a cup of water, and put on my trip playlist filled with calm feel good music. Im not really allowed to do this as a medical professional because it may expose my advocacy for psychedelics. Instead, we traumatize them with bright lights, sterile white rooms, and probe them with medical equipment. Too mush acid is like being pushed off of a psychedelic cliff, not knowing if you are going to meet your demise upon impact. Where has psilocybin mushrooms are are like hang gliding off of the cliff, enjoying your view on the way down (depending on dose of course). Im sorry this happened to you. 
Posted by Tripliping (07/26/20 10:37 PM)
Generally if done correctly like any safe psychedelic LSD is safe even if a bad trip occurs. I have seen a few people end up with temporary psychosis from acid (which always from what I've seen only lasts the length of the peak) which is due to what I gather is genetic sensitivity.
In some of those incidents that I have personally seen it took them up-to 3-4 days to remember what they went through. At the time they go through a  total disconnection from reality (of what they describe to be  more or less like hitting the DMT realm for a few hours), but once the peak ends they always  come good. (Although usually during the peak they have no concept of reality and mutter to themselves pacing up and down). However nothing as intense as what you have described or anything to warrant a hospital visit. I have also had friends pass out from taking far too much acid but again they always wake up fine.

The numb tingling on the tongue and doubts it was acid as well as the ease-ability to get a small bag of  pure 'powder' may indicate it was RC (research chemicals) and was likely something from the nbome family. Something to look into.

Good share though, a precautionary tale to always try to mitigate any risks and do it right and as safely as possible (maybe not at such a young age though haha)

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Posted by Eatmore_lessoften (07/26/20 03:20 AM)
Hell fucking yea fam. Its great to have u. U had me at the world was super bright but disappearing
Posted by Neumonic (07/24/20 11:52 AM)
Yet another good reason to stay the fuck away from 'acid'

Too fucking hard to tell what is real or not anymore 'supposedly'

Im glad you made it through, and thank you for sharing your tale