Posted by walterfegis (05/31/21 08:41 PM)
yes, I've been in the loop.. go there asking questions.... if you get in a bad place sing your way out.. happy songs..  I think maybe a true shaman experience may help you.. PERU is the real deal... most people cant afford that or missing time off work.. PEACEFUL MOUTAIN WAY IN Kentucky can help as well. Good Luck! 
Posted by Ancient Mariner (07/31/20 02:09 PM)
And as to my philosophy, I just let things play out and say "fuck it, it's meaningless" and laugh about troubles. Things have worked out really well mentally since I started acting and thinking that way. It's not that I think life is meaningless, just that I think accepting the way things are and not overshooting leads to the best results.
Posted by Ancient Mariner (07/31/20 02:05 PM)
I'm sorry you are/were dealing with this. The only way I can imagine helping you find an answer to this is by expressing my personal philosophy, which is always going to be controversial and sound preachy and maybe snarky. It helps me when I get into loops but it may not for you, so take it as you will.

First, I would say that shrooms cannot fuck your brain permanently. I have not read any credible information that says that could happen and shrooms, very large doses, have been consumed for thousands of years. I do not know everything in your situation and experience but from it sounds like, I think you are ok. Loops can be troublesome, but the world is so crazy, I don't really know what to expect anymore. I would just let go and observe the colors and shapes until you bored. When you come back to where you want to be, if you aren't back already, you will be better for it.

Good luck to you. Feel free to message
Posted by Meesta Nobo (06/25/20 02:32 PM)
It%u2019s hard to relate to this for me because of my experience so far, but I do have this overarching thought that a bad one will come soon. So what I do is try and not think of myself as the Shroom guy. That I done 15Gs last week and handle it, so hey let%u2019s do 30 this week and blow the doors off! It%u2019s all about personal experience and if you try and focus on the positives of the past you might realise %u201CHey man I just got some real mind melters there%u201D or possibly don%u2019t do 80 pieces? It seems like a lot? I mean shit. I have 15Gs of truffles and I go cosmic and they hold way more water, if your talking 80 pieces of dried GT%u2019s well buddy they might have just said let%u2019s teach this fella a lesson. I hope you%u2019re well soon brother.
Posted by MycoMass (06/23/20 02:19 PM)
Hey, I literally just had the trip of a life time last night. Most of it was a scary experience but in a beautiful way ( in hind sight ) read my trip report i just posted, into oblivion level 5. In my experience, things will normalize in time. Use this as a tool to reflect on yourself , don%u2019t over think it. Find the beauty and the lessons in it all. In time it begins to make more sense. Need to chat just message me