Posted by Meesta Nobo (06/25/20 02:32 PM)
It%u2019s hard to relate to this for me because of my experience so far, but I do have this overarching thought that a bad one will come soon. So what I do is try and not think of myself as the Shroom guy. That I done 15Gs last week and handle it, so hey let%u2019s do 30 this week and blow the doors off! It%u2019s all about personal experience and if you try and focus on the positives of the past you might realise %u201CHey man I just got some real mind melters there%u201D or possibly don%u2019t do 80 pieces? It seems like a lot? I mean shit. I have 15Gs of truffles and I go cosmic and they hold way more water, if your talking 80 pieces of dried GT%u2019s well buddy they might have just said let%u2019s teach this fella a lesson. I hope you%u2019re well soon brother.
Posted by MycoMass (06/23/20 02:19 PM)
Hey, I literally just had the trip of a life time last night. Most of it was a scary experience but in a beautiful way ( in hind sight ) read my trip report i just posted, into oblivion level 5. In my experience, things will normalize in time. Use this as a tool to reflect on yourself , don%u2019t over think it. Find the beauty and the lessons in it all. In time it begins to make more sense. Need to chat just message me