Posted by MycoMass (06/25/20 06:41 PM)
Meesta Nobo, honestly the first time I ever tripped I had GT I believe. It was by far a more Spiritual, compassionate, feelings of love and unity kind lf experience. With that being said I have no clue if it was strain or not. This experience with B was DEEP, cosmic, questioning morals and the world as I perceive it. I do agree with you on the tail end of the trip. I tend to reflect on myself more and it seems more to impact my everyday life. I often feel an ( after glow ) s some call it, for several weeks. However this trip I did not.

What do you mean you question if your better off knowing it?

Posted by Meesta Nobo (06/25/20 03:14 PM)
I have a wee question. I find stage two of the trip equally as relevant as the 1st. It allows me to be more human, more intuitive, compassionate, more of a good human. As much as the cosmic is fun, I am always left thinking, am I better off knowing this? Part two, or the tail end for me is what impacts my life more profoundly than anything, at that point I am who I know I am deep inside.
To the question then, is stage two as I describe it, a big part of the GT experience? I think they all have minds of their own which is why I ask. 
Alright brother, onward!