Posted by Meesta Nobo (06/24/20 07:16 PM)
I%u2019m with you brother. 

It took me a while to find that spot of which you speak, I had tripped many times but was always able to control the direction of The journey, looking at the melting wall and sort of saying %u201COh that%u2019s pretty cool%u201D or being able to walk around outside and appreciate nature. My entire life changed when I bought 15grams of %u201CDragons dynamite%u201C truffles in Haarlem Netherlands and I distinctly remember the guy asking me %u201CWould you rather it is too much for you or not enough?%u201D I said %u201CToo much%u201D he said %u201CThese are the guys for you%u201D So I did them all with a Tub of frozen yogurt and that was it. I don%u2019t want to hijack your thread with my journey but you hit the nail on the head %u201C nothing bad in my life really is that bad. Every problem is a little problem%u201D I am better with my wife, my kids, my job, I can multitask without %u201CFocussing%u201D I can see through deceit easily and take great joy out of special moments. Basically just feel the love!
The real kicker for me is that I don%u2019t feel the need to rush back to it, or tell people %u201CGo get some shrooms!%u201D I simply tell my truth and let them decide. It%u2019s not a decision that can be made for you. 

Rock on brother!

Posted by Tzooman (06/23/20 06:50 PM)
Wow.  Just, wow.  Happy for your experience.
Posted by mosef (06/23/20 10:06 AM)
Dudeeee this is beautiful, thank you for sharing and in such detail!! Love to you xxx