Posted by Ljm1974 (08/19/21 11:43 AM)
Looks amazing.  I need a spore print %uD83D%uDE00 lol

Posted by SannyTIES (04/30/20 04:09 AM)
Looking fantastic! I'm sure your harvesting by now! I let the PE go until the caps open up really big, I find the daak* keeps getting bigger on those, adding weight.

*daak- (dick)a street term used by youngsters for the Male genital shaft area. The boof stick or boofy the sphincter slayer is another term for the phallus member. Aka peen pong. Or yogurt slinger. 
Posted by motherfrakker (04/23/20 04:42 PM)
nice job!!!!
Posted by Innoculatethewest (04/22/20 11:13 PM)
Thats some whitey white mycelium