Posted by Eatmore_lessoften (04/05/20 07:51 PM)
I thought at first it said a milligram of cid PLUS 5grams of cubes.... Lmao.

I feel u tho lol me and some friends horrendously goofed before. Our vial was pretty concentrated apparently.

But isnt a little fear of death a hallmark of psychedelics?
Posted by MikeTesserect (04/01/20 07:40 AM)
have u wondered how a tortuous experience can translate to an " ultimate reality", " Christ land", or whatever u prefer to call it? the brain just has defense mechanisms to protect it from chaos. I had ego death experiences before and they aren't fun at all. it just wants to feel its in a better place: I have no idea who I am, so this is eternal bliss or Im the second coming. just a thought ( im not religious)