Posted by Littlefoot (08/06/20 11:22 PM)
This is simply bad ass! I have felt the exact same way, except I've never entertained the idea of dividing the brain up that way. Interesting insight. Thank you!
Posted by internetruinslives (11/06/19 07:22 PM)
This is a fantastic post. For a while, I've had the very same idea of exposing myself to positive affirmations and videos during trips. Since Psilocybin temporarily increases brain connectivity and neuroplasticity, i believe that thinking positive thoughts, meditating, and listening to motivational videos during trips may produce lasting positive changes in my thoughts, habits, and behavioral patterns. My goal is to get rid of my internet addiction and social anxiety. I am currently waiting for my first batch of brf jars to finish colonizing, but once they are finished, i will try this technique. Hopefully we will both benefit from our encounters with shrooms. good luck.