Posted by Blue Cthulhu (07/11/19 05:26 PM)
Great report, and I'm glad you were able to work your way through some very challenging moments. Your sentiment toward being more ceremonial is a good one - that helps to make the experience more secured so that you have a container to dissolve yourself in. The trip report itself is part of the ceremony (integration)!

Good luck going forward!
Posted by WeebleWobble (07/09/19 06:20 AM)
I think if you're babbling like that you probably took a little too much.  That's a pretty high dose after a 12 hour fast.  I believe the perfect dose allows you to connect with your higher self, you should be full of wisdom.  When you take too much your brain starts to shut down in places it shouldn't and you go a little crazy.  
The strength of the trip is also largely impacted by your ability to open up and let go.  Meditating regularly and practicing self love can make the trip much stronger....
Posted by Mouth Breather (07/07/19 11:54 PM)
I am a late graduate and I am considering going through the hoops to be an accredited financial analyst. Thank you for posting, I can certainly empathize with your thinking. It was pretty scary hearing how much you and I had in common tbh.
Posted by ButteredBagel (07/05/19 09:08 PM)
I'm in a very similar situation. I plan on dosing roughly the same amount in a few weeks. It'll be interesting how I come to perceive money post-trip. Thanks for the report. 
Posted by Dagnet (07/05/19 03:38 PM)
Thanks for returning home for this great experience reprt