Posted by Roshambastic21 (05/06/19 06:42 AM)
Doesn't cat litter absorb moisture?
Posted by Roshambastic21 (05/02/19 05:00 AM)
Well if this managed to grow, I'm sure my tub will be fine %uD83D%uDE02
Posted by Palmer1997 (04/24/19 07:42 PM)
I think it looks pretty cool, but ide want organic if anything.
Posted by SporeBody17 (04/07/19 07:48 PM)
Doesn't look like they like it all too well.. And IMO, I wouldn't want to introduce any unnecessary chemical compounds to the substrate unless you are sure of everything it contains and how it might effect you if ingested. IMO.
Posted by impatientguy (03/29/19 05:42 PM)
Posted by tacodude (03/29/19 01:01 PM)