Posted by Some Weird Dude (12/05/18 11:33 AM)
It almost feels weird reading your negatives/bad habits (I resort to trying to speed it up with watching netflix mostly ; so I catch up with bad food habits or I am seeking a return to my identity more quickly, etc) like oh yeah this dude's human too? 

I've been reading most, if not all, of your posts since you started sharing and well just thanks for helping us readers. I think it's awesome that we can use your experience as a new set point and grow from there; meta tripping is going to be so amazing. 

Just saying Hi and thanks really. My aim is to reach, and hopefully break, the threshold of consciousness whilst sober and then maybe reward myself with micro doses of mushrooms? 
I've been playing with the thought of micro dosing for a while and then one day "oh wow LessonsofYawns".. thought that was really sweet haha
Then messing around with the idea of controlling your entire mind and then bam "David Hoggins on Joe Rogan's podcast".. 

I'm a believer of the law of attraction and I'm very geeked out that the universe has opened a path like Moses through the forest of life for myself, now it feels like I need to do the hard part and walk to begin my journey. 

Hoping the near future that I may share such an experience. I would also love if readers felt the same way as I do when listening to your insights. I'd also love if you read it like "f yeah you go dude!" 

Thank you again man, wish you the best