Posted by ironwaveink (04/08/19 02:38 PM)
I can totally relate. Ive taken dmt quite some time now and we are definitely incased in a world they create. All is one and one is all. We may not know it but what we do here can ripple through dimensions. I've asked the same question a few times on dmt and mushies and they slapped me and told me I should be happy I even exist instead of figuring out why we do. There's no reason to dabble the past of existence. At least are consciousness isn't ready for the truth yet. 
Posted by jAxTecH (09/05/18 10:19 AM)
Can you believe it? I went back to my sacred horse shit pile and found atleast 2lbs of Golden Teachers and Purple Mystics!!! Washed them and put on my food dehydrator last night . Stems brewed for my tea...I think the Spirit is waiting for me%uD83D%uDE1B
If I dont come back you can rest assured I'M FREE!! And if I do (probably will cause thier gentle and safe) you know I have more to learn%uD83D%uDE0E
Dont seem to be too much interest in going off the deep end TRIP LEVEL 5...but if ya wanna know how the rematch goes between me and Shiva ya gonna have give me some feedback ...let me know this aint boring you.

Posted by jAxTecH (08/18/18 11:13 AM)
A curious idea has overwhelmed my "daydreaming" thoughts and that is why "Gods" want blood? As I saw before people in the past would "cast thier sins" on a sacrificial being and somehow clense themselves of thier Karma.  Sounds absurd and yet ask any Christian if he's accepted the "Blood of Christ" and been "Reborn in the Spirit" and you'll see how perverse MAN REALLY IS. 
This is my realization of the bible...if a pure being is required to die and suffer for your "salvation" you've had too much of the kool-aid my friend. Nothing could be further from the TRUTH. Just look in your own heart and see if that whole idea seems "right"? 
Sadly the good intention people of the world have been decieved into buying into some very dark black magic satanic idea of "good vs evil". People have been conditioned to believe from childhood that this god loves them and sacrificed he's own son to "save them" from who? HIMSELF? WTF kinda bullshit where they smoking? Why would the so called "Creator of the Universe" want BLOOD?

We are living in dark times. The Beauty is we have a guide and Teacher in the Sacred Mushroom. It advocates no discrimination, strife or war. It teaches ALL LIFE IS SACRED AND SPECIAL. It has taught me compassion and empathy for the "ignorant". It has helped me realize the brainwashing of the hope of being "chosen to recieve heaven" or the dread of "eternal hell" are both falicy.  Tools to manipulate the masses to achieve THIER GOALS. The Sacred Mushroom teaches balance in Spirit and Mind and above all else TRUST YOUR INTUITION its the only real guide you have. This will ends my updates for now . Again Thank You Shroomery for sharing the knowledge of how to cultivate this Wonderful Teacher. 
Posted by jAxTecH (08/12/18 01:44 AM)
A few key insights I would like to add as the shock wears off are the following. Again this is just my understanding of the visions I saw.
First "The BullGod" aka the devil. Its my realization that it was a white unblemished bull that people painted red with the blood of sacrificed animals and human blood. Then treated it as "ALL SIN" and killed it. Aka "scapecow" the modern image of a red devil is the bullgod less the "cloven hooves" feet and made into a mans image. Truth is stranger then fiction.
Beyond "satan" is a "Ancient One" that looked like a decepticon. The movie similarity made me laugh. What was noteworthy though is it had no problem allowing me to "see for myself" the creators of this universe. Dont ask anything of these gate keepers and keep on going deeper into the Truth.
Next the "god" Shiva is a DEMON. Make no mistake about it...I laughed at it but it is one angry deity. I saw her hands as viper mouths and they twisted around and coiled around her body. I can understand why they depict her as having "multiple arms".
I failed to mention the elephant god thats a really cool deity and beside him was a Rhino god. I have much respect for them cause they took me passed Shiva. 
The buddha I saw was not a fat guy laughing like some would mislead you to believe . Buddha was ALOT like the statues of the meditating monk. The lake he was beside was black and still but not like oil but empty space . It radiated a sparkling shine. The vision he gave me of Adam and Eve and the tree of knowledge wasnt that man was ignorant of good and bad. Thats was man was encapable of DECIET. The illusion of telling a lie was mans "Fall from Grace" Lesson here is SEEK THE TRUTH TO REACH NIRVANA. On a sidenote its naive to think they was alone. There were many people in the "garden of Eden" just for whatever reason the others are not mentioned. You really dont think 1 guy and his wife could tend to a world by themselves did you? 
Last revelation is the "Architects" even though I tried to see HOW thier starship traveled (if I could only patent the idea from remote seeing%uD83D%uDE1B) the perplexing aspect is it does not travel from A to B in linear fashion but from A to Z but remains still. Somehow it creates a multidimensional shift around it and can go anywhere instantly.
My last take away from this experience is Peace. I no longer feel pissed off at the world and the poor lost souls in it . I have taken away from this a deeper empathy and compassion because people do not know what they do not know and have been lied to thier entire lives. That is the Wisdom of the Purple Mystic / Golden Teacher. Be Kind to Yourself and to Others. 
Peace out. I will update again if anything else becomes clearer to me.

Posted by tyrannicalrex (08/10/18 12:33 PM)
Well this was very good indeed! I have yet to go past 5g but don't feel I need to. I haven't gone to the 5g place in over 10 years. I need to go back soon. I've been inspired to grow some again recently.