Posted by mysticalmagickal (08/11/18 07:04 PM)
That one guy could be right about it being cintalis I didn't see that comment but even so I'd still do what I said
Posted by mysticalmagickal (08/11/18 04:30 PM)
These aren't toad stools
 They are panaeolina foenescii, some are active in the batch, they claim others are poisonus in a batch. Just like how they claim thujone is poisonous which is untrue. People would say it isn't worth it to test these out but I say otherwise. The best way to test in my opinion of something being poisonus is to eat a cap of the smallest, just enough to let you know if it effects you slightly badly, but not enough to poison you to death. Ofcourse it depends on the mushroom, but even so let's say it is a larger one you believe is poisonous, you eat a very small piece of it to test. Sometimes it can take up to 48 hours to feel if you've been poisoned by a mushroom, but that is for eating large amounts of it. With this test you will be able to feel it in the time in which an active mushroom would start taking effect 
I've done this many times and have been fine, with being able to know whether it is just edible, poisonus or active. 
These I'd like to say are not very dangerous, don't contain much poison. So it is best to just try a cap or two and you will know this way, which ones are active if not all of them  
Posted by mr cammabliss (08/09/18 11:04 AM)
They don't look like magic mushrooms bud there just toad stools

Posted by tacodude (08/07/18 09:33 AM)
If you post this in the forums in the hunting section you'll get better answers from people labelled as trusted identifiers
Posted by Tits on a bull (08/06/18 02:14 PM)
Pan. C ~
Posted by SassytheSasquatch9 (08/06/18 10:46 AM)
Just picked the same ones. I%u2019m also unsure if I should take them , found these in Scotland btw.