Posted by Micromicology (01/23/18 08:52 PM)
Lessonsofyawns is right on track if you feel there is something there for you try it again.   But don't be automatically scared away because of family schizophrenia,  i have aunts and uncles with schizophrenia and i have taken my fair share of plant based psychedelics with no negative reproductions.  But definitely set goals.  I decided to contemplate my existence once and it changed my life for the better.    These are gifts from our maker, though not for everyone,  and they can help you or others to work through real life decisions and complications but use them wisely.  O' and nice choice with taking in nature, most people are scared too, but I would do it no other way,  to many destractions, complications and filth inside.
Posted by LessonsofYawns (01/23/18 07:15 PM)
Thanks for sharing.  I am not sure on how a fragile psyche (does not have a strong ego identification) should proceed with mushrooms.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there.  I would say that my experience so far is that mushrooms certainly connect thought patterns in new ways and generate creativity by creating new connections in the brain through associations that have always been in front of you but were not linked until you took mushrooms.  Also, heavy doses (5-7g) add a level of synchronicity to the mix which builds on connections on messages or ideas that seem to be all around you.  I like Dr. Kirby Surprise book "Synchronicity" for a modern interpretation or you could go old school to C.J. Jung (much better but more dense).

First you have to accept the reality you perceive is real only to your sense perception vehicle (you body) while your consciousness has no boundaries and mushrooms breaks down those boundaries for your consciousness to explore.  Your identity is a fiction you created to enjoy the wonderful world of duality and perceived boundaries of upper and lower wave limits for ongoing knowledge acquisition from experience.

The big question is why are you taking mushrooms?  You said you were curious on the hallucinations and you got that obviously, so sounds like you are done right?  If not, you need to write down what your big questions are before proceeding and then be open to receiving whatever comes your way without objection or resistance.  Some people start this journey and wish they never would have (Your Mate Tom - You Tube) while others it has brought meaning to their life and thus evaporated their depression.  Setting is important but mindset can have lasting effects both positive and negative.  Most people I read on these posts do not know how to integrate their experience which is due primarily to no vehicle in our society to help those that take psychedelics so the ownership is on you on how you proceed.

Go slow on dose,