Posted by EyeEatMushrooms (10/29/17 04:55 PM)
That's really crazy. I used to use meth mainly but I mixed heroin with it a couple times and coke, Xanax, and mdmda and I will say the first time I mixed them I stayed up all night throwing up feeling like MY teeth were being yanked out. But I Smoked my meth and snorted the H.

Now I'm off of those hardcore drugs and  I eat mushrooms take acid and really any psychedelics with pot.
Posted by gourmet (10/29/17 05:41 AM)
 YEA dude,  I admittedly don't know all the fucked up things you did, which were prolly a lot, but I almost want to hate your mom for doing that.  That sucks you had no one to turn to then but, hopefully that worked out for the best for you.
Posted by Micromicology (10/26/17 01:27 AM)
What a shitty thing for his mom to say while he's all doped out and crying to her.  Quality parenting that led to years of addictive behavior.