Posted by sir_spins_alot (09/05/17 12:49 PM)
Wow bro you sound exactly like me 20 years ago.  I took massive amounts of lsd, once at a dead show in 96-97 I ate cookies with liquid on them a cut of shrooms and 6 ten strips of Jerry prints.  Here's the thing.  I was abusing lsd and shrooms.  I wasn't using them to better myself or learn spiritually but getting high ( most of the time).  

I was trying to turn reality inside out.  I was trying to reside in the euphoric mind blowing realm of psychedelics.  It was a mistake, by the time I was 19 I began to become slightly paranoid and worrying what people thought, yada yada.  Before I knew it I had ruined tripping and it was showing me and making my trips difficult to say the least.

The rate at which your dosing "like I was" will catch up with you.  A lot of people who tripped like me and you begin to not be able to continue like that without having serious changes ( not for the good)

Trip reports cool though, your parents sound like mine too lol.  Not trying to sound like your father but I would make sure your lsd consumption doesn't get like mine did, where it creates problems.

  Your mcdonalds experience sounds like a time I ate a ten strip in high school and got kicked out for the day :)