Posted by dreamsign (07/22/17 05:27 PM)

Can anyone advise me or have any ideas about this: I knocked up 6 jars 3 colonized 1 was contaminated and the last one has colonized all but one small spot on the bottom. The cakeI I have in the fruiting chamber are doing nothing, it has been 7 days. It is like everything just stopped. Should I fruit the one jar that seems too have stopped? How long before something should happen with the cakes that I have in the fruiting chamber?

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Posted by LucMayer666 (06/13/17 12:55 PM)
i may need a little help understanding a couple of things ...
for 1 i done my mushrooms old school in cow dung and there is roots everywhere ... is that normal???
and only 1 brf is turning blue but mild pinning ...
i cannot remove my brf to soak it do to the roots o where do i go from here????
Posted by Livin (05/31/17 09:08 PM)
Can someone please message me i have a question about fuzzy white stuff at the base of the mushroom before picked
Posted by bodhisatta (02/13/17 11:13 PM)
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