Posted by Eskimokisser11 (04/05/24 02:06 PM)
I just started 2 AIO bags one with JMF and one with golden teacher fingers crossed 
Posted by WantToGrow42 (06/11/23 02:55 AM)
Bro can someone help me, I want to grow but don't know what to do. I need like the budget how to make shrooms in a jar with lack of resources and knowledge guide pls. Like don't have needles and temperature things and I cant really sterilize stuff too much other than hot water and gloves and face protection. What I do got tho is a Tupperware container, jars, the syringe things to measure medicine , also I need to put them in my closet, i can buy the grain or rye and stuff. Plus I'm Australian (wa) if that helps idk. I need to basically make the stuff from home with lack of knowledge and resources. I don't know how to make the stuff that goes in the needle then goes in jar to make the starter stuff. The guides are a bit complex  with all the temps and lab grade stuff. Could so someone give me some help or a way to get started i would mean a lot. Cheers 

Posted by JaxMan (06/09/23 12:21 PM)
I have a question. I created some substrate in jars. I was able to sterilize and create a vacuum seal. I put the jars in a steriele box that I made. I opened the jars in the box and ennoculated them with 1 cc of spore.I then mediately sealed the jars back up. Do the jars need  ventilation? Do I need to poke a few holes in the tops and then cover with micropore tape? Will the spore colonize without fresh air? Do I need to keep them in the dark. I have a high humidity area I cam keep them.. The area is 72 degrees and 75% humidity. I used vermiculite, brown rice flour and distilled water. 



Posted by mikesblack (02/24/23 02:19 AM)
 I used millet and brown rice powder in my mix and it%u2019s starting to sprout grass. Is this a problem? I%u2019ll need to figure out how to load photos.
Thanks kindly,


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Posted by JohnBovitch (10/18/21 04:17 PM)
Posted by JohnBovitch (10/18/21 04:17 PM)
Posted by JohnBovitch (10/18/21 04:17 PM)
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Posted by Flter (08/13/21 11:32 PM)

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Posted by Terenceoconnor (07/25/21 07:53 AM)
I%u2019ve done a few mushroom griws just in your basic mushroom grow box but not getting a good amount out of these I%u2019m ready to step up a game, was wondering if anyone could give me good advice on how to get better? Was going to buy a good set up from eBay with lights n heat mat and that ? 
Posted by mycomushloveee (06/04/21 04:51 PM)

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms The Easy Way!!!!!

Hey Lovely Earth Family! This is My first post on the Forum. I am a passionate mycologist who loves what learning. My main goal is to spread love in everything that I do. So, the best way I knew how to do that was writing a book for the community!! I Wrote and published a book on amazon called "How to Grow Magic Mushrooms the Easy Way by Mycolangelo". It is a straight forward guidebook to how to grow Cubensis easily and affordable using liquid cultures and monotubs for research purposes only. There is so much information included in the book that I learned throughout the beginning of my mycology career. My goal for this book was to make it as informative, simplified, and as easy to follow as possible. You can find this book on amazon by searching the full name or by going to the link provided:  ...... I Just finished writing book number two which includes way more advanced techniques and should be up on amazon soon!!!! stay tuned. my instagram is @mycomushloveee if you want to reach me. Providing spores and supplies for the community as well. Please check with your local laws as spores may be illegal in your area. So mush love to the mushroom community and wish you all a beautiful day, week, month, and year. HAPPY GROWING.

Posted by FunGuyFarm (05/07/21 05:38 PM)
Hey myconauts, Ive come across an anomaly in one of my tubs and was hoping someone could shed some light on this order cool occurrence. Had a syringe gifted to me labeled Venezuelan. Most tubs from the culture pumped out beautiful dark capped Venezuelans, however there was one tub that was slow to take off, roughly 2 weeks. I noticed 2 distinct fruits coming from the one tub. Anything at all would really help.

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Posted by Sup3rMushMario (02/17/21 04:15 PM)

whats up everyone -  

Wanted to see if someone could help me out with this question.  If I use a Hydroponic Humidifier System with HEPA Air Hoses  in my monotub do I need to open the tub to fan out the co2 as i see some ppl do. I do not want risk getting contam by opening up the tub daily to fan out the co2 some suggested.   Thanks in advance.   

Posted by DeAvi (09/05/20 06:39 AM)
I was wondering is there a difference in yield and colonization between manure and coco coir, i would think manure based substrate would produce more yield and flushes but take longer to colonize 
, but im new to this so any input is very much appreciated!!!!

Posted by Peter_Crouchy (06/20/20 12:57 PM)
Hi, I wanted to ask a quick question in case anyone can help. I have previously ordered multiple shroom grow kits from Zamnesia. They've all worked great but now Zamnesia won't deliver to the UK. I also can't order parcels direct to my house as i'm a pretty paranoid person and don't want the stress of waitingaround all day thinking someone in the house could pick it up and open it. I just wanted to know if anyone knew a shop that does click and collect from a post office, the same way zamnesia did with Hermes, in the Uk. 
Also before anyone reminds me how overpriced they are, i know, i just don't have the luxury of ordering large kit to grow with and preferably want a quick turnaround. 

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Posted by MartyM (05/01/20 05:34 PM)
I just bought a premade sterile rye spawning bag online, and was wondering if I should worry about the internal moisture or if there is anything I should do to this bag to prep it before I inoculate it... Sorta a green horn here...
Posted by campack (03/15/20 03:07 PM)
Why can't you just eat the mycelium? I've heard that it has more heath benefits than the mushroom it self. Am I missing somthing?
Posted by Yodadelica (01/28/20 12:52 PM)
Have just registered with the Shroomery, so new too this though been growing psychedelics since 2014. Can anyone tell me if any other vendors bar Zamnesia still ship to the UK? Suffer with chronic cluster headache syndrome and can%u2019t stand the thought of chronic pain back again due to red tape legislation.
Posted by Djangies99 (09/10/19 04:16 PM)
im not sure  how to post a question but does anybody supply bulk substrate in BC ?  
Posted by Moebius1990 (08/30/19 10:32 AM)

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Posted by Questing4Odin (09/08/18 06:56 PM)
I cant figure out how to ask a question on here??? So Im gonna ask here. I used a poo tek and the thought didnt cross my mind untill today. It says 1% cloride on the bag. Will this kill the spores?
Posted by KristaJade (06/01/18 05:19 PM)
Shroomery Fucking Rocks!!!!
Posted by Sagefu 94 (05/15/18 10:03 AM)
Hey guys.

So I been working with the PF tek for almost a year now and haven%u2019t grown more than 2oz of shrooms.
I have been struggling with contamination and it%u2019s been ruining my batches. Can anyone help me understand how I should inoclulatd my jars and where is the best place to do it. I think this is where contamination is coming in. Please lmk ASAP peace &Love 
Posted by dreamsign (07/22/17 05:27 PM)

Can anyone advise me or have any ideas about this: I knocked up 6 jars 3 colonized 1 was contaminated and the last one has colonized all but one small spot on the bottom. The cakeI I have in the fruiting chamber are doing nothing, it has been 7 days. It is like everything just stopped. Should I fruit the one jar that seems too have stopped? How long before something should happen with the cakes that I have in the fruiting chamber?

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Posted by LucMayer666 (06/13/17 12:55 PM)
i may need a little help understanding a couple of things ...
for 1 i done my mushrooms old school in cow dung and there is roots everywhere ... is that normal???
and only 1 brf is turning blue but mild pinning ...
i cannot remove my brf to soak it do to the roots o where do i go from here????
Posted by Livin (05/31/17 09:08 PM)
Can someone please message me i have a question about fuzzy white stuff at the base of the mushroom before picked
Posted by bodhisatta (02/13/17 11:13 PM)
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