Posted by Spn2222 (10/12/18 09:29 AM)
I have had my, golden teacher casings, in fruiting chamber for 2 weeks. no signs of pining but continues to grow mycelium. i have not exposed them to more than 4 hours of light a day since casings have started to colonize.
                     any answers would be appreciated thank you.

Posted by Yaysdenots (09/11/18 05:52 PM)
Is there such thing as too much humidity during them my psyllium growth phase??? Please help ASAP  I have bags going that seem to be going a little too fast it reads 100% humidity but it doesn%u2019t go over 100 
Posted by tigo (03/19/17 04:30 AM)

Edited 3/19/2017 11:31 AM
Posted by bodhisatta (02/13/17 11:16 PM)
For the future anyone that finds this. Please post in the forums. No one really comes here to see this.