Posted by Magic Is Available (01/25/17 03:41 AM)
Again, thanks for commenting..:D...I truly think that theres a reason behind this "bad trips", that said, I think that if u truly respect the experience and plan for it and have a good set/setting
everything is 99% going to be good. Anyway...I for sure learned it the hard way...and im glad to hear that im not the only one..:D again, I invite you to read my next trip report
which I will write at the end of February....
Im soooo looking forward to that...probably in the same category as this one...LVL 4 on Trip reports :D
Posted by Nephrim (01/22/17 02:46 PM)
Love your report! I'm new to shroomery, but have had some crazy experiences on psycedelics. I've had some life changing "bad" trips per se, that i also aquainted with rushing into the trip foolishly. But even though they were terrifying, it was still possible to come out looking at it as a good trip because of my perception. 
I envy heroic doses but am only just starting to microdose again after a long hiatus. Too far down the rabbit hole one time..
Posted by Magic Is Available (01/18/17 12:34 PM)
Thanks for commenting...I truly believe that you go or you return to the hyperspace thing...and DMT is proof..anyway,
Yes this was a shroom trip...and like I said...Im really happy that I didnt experienced the interconnectness of hyperspace..only now i get it that I wasnt ready...anyway in 1 month I will be tripping with even a higher
dosage...I will obviously report...please check it out dude...I really want somebodys perspective on this stuff as at the moment I wont talk with no one about this.

Anyway..ill try to achieve ego death next time and turning into this hyperspace...even during this trip I felt as if I was still connected to reality..
next time its full on baby...:D

PS: I fucked up the edit...maybe you noticed...anyway now i fixed it ;)
Posted by thehighking (01/17/17 11:28 PM)
Inttetesting trip. I agree woth you that the hyperspace is where you go when you die, it just makes sense that way. This was a mushroom trip right? I don't see yhe substance mentioned anywhere but the dosage sounds like shrooms. Good luck with your next trip. You have to just give in anf allow the substance to take you where it wants to take you. It might want you to experience some difficulty sometimes and you just need to accept it. You can't control the power of a trip but you can prepare for it. I believe you were very close to being a part of the hyperspace machine. I hope you get there someday because it will completely blow your mind in ways you could never imagine

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