Posted by S_guy13 (12/29/18 02:38 AM)
Your cakes may have been contaminated with bacteria that makes toxic byproducts. If so, the mycelium will suck up those toxins and put them into the mushroom thus making you I'll with food poisoning type effects. 
Posted by S_guy13 (12/29/18 02:38 AM)
Your cakes may have been contaminated with bacteria that makes toxic byproducts. If so, the mycelium will suck up those toxins and put them into the mushroom thus making you ill with food poisoning type effects. 
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Posted by Bruinsfirst (09/29/18 11:32 PM)
Try taking a few ginger capsules before and after you ingest the psilocybin. I haven't had any nausea my first two trips using this method.
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Posted by MrPhysics (12/22/17 04:14 PM)
I've seen it suggested that smoking pot before hand can help with comfort and nausea. I personally use HIGH cbd low thc (Critical Mass) for example. I use it daily for chronic pain, I have a painful disease. I'm a little nervous about having a bad trip too because I'm always physically in pain. But, I'm thinking of putting things in the room with me like a clock with a timer and maybe a posted message to relax, breath, it's all part of the trip and it will be over shortly.

I'm open to any ideas, I'm still reading everything this wonderful site has to offer.
Posted by Nephrim (01/22/17 02:56 PM)
I would recommend eating before hand. I'm coming back to tripping after a long hiatus, and food plays an integral role. Trying to be "okay" with physical discomfort is, well, difficult. I've gone through phases in the past with mushrooms where it's difficult to do primal things (restroom, lay down, eat, etc), i spent a long time being terrified that shrooms, if ingesting any, would cause me to revert right back to these. The most important thing in tripping is "set" and "setting". Make sure your mind is right. If you're scared of taking the substance, then it's not going to play out well after taking it. You have to be okay with whatever feeling it gives you, and know in your mind that it's all mental. Even the nausea is often caused by mental anxiety. If this is a problem, try closing your eyes, and relaxing while coming up into the peak. Play music, something comforting and only listen. Setting is important as well, whether that's best alone or with people for you. Psychedelics are a tool, they will only intensify anything that's already in your head. I would recommend taking some time off to ponder your trip and gain confidence (a new outlook) before re-attempting. Trips favor the prepared mind! (and body!). Perhaps some reading or listening to the old psychonauts better trained (Terrence McKenna - The Psychedelic Experience)
Best of luck mate, cheers
Posted by MycofestDestiny (12/05/16 06:52 PM)
I like to take an everclear extract. Powder the dried mush and cover with liquor- 10 ml per gram I think. After 24hr, filter through a coffee filter, then evaporate off excess alcohol. Don't eat for 3 he's before, unless ur lightheaded... Then just a snack. Take a good sized dose, like 2.5 Gs, don't be a chickenshit. Half passing will not work, and u will feel uncomfortable
Posted by HowieWowie2000 (12/01/16 12:38 PM)
Eat food.  There is no reason to starve yourself, the only time I ever threw up was when I was really hungry and ate dried mushrooms.  Secondly, since I usually get them fresh from the pasture, I boil them and drink the juice, never had a problem.

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Posted by Chk (11/28/16 09:46 AM)
Taking a low dose is not a good way to fight bad trips, maybe you think it that way because it makes sense, 
but it's usually the bad solution.

IME low dose like 1g make me feel bad one way or another, 
 i usually take 2.5g if i want a smooth trip, and 6g if i want to blow my mind.

Posted by Kinghino (11/28/16 04:25 AM)
Thanks for your comment guys. I want to answer to some of them:

- Chk I would say opposite. If I had taken 2gr probably I would not be able to handle the situation. I would not be only worried,  but I would panic for sure with some bad bad trip.  

- ChemicalSparl I know a little nausea is to be expected. I've taken already others drugs in my life that give you a little nausea, and believe me when I'm saying that what I had was not little at all, moreover for 2 hours and it was better only after I throwed up. What I didn't expect is that It started long time after I ingested them and I felt suddenly like badly drunk, or like seasickness.

- TrippingArnold I tried to resist for half an hour and the nausea an vertigo were so strong that the trip was already ruined. The physical pain took over any other feeling. I think puking was the right decision in that moment. 

- BOZO - I agree with you when you say it was unusual. I checked the mushrooms I still have in my jar and they look totally fine, they were fine also when I was drying them, for what I remember (it was few months ago). I bought the spores in a laboratory and until last night I was sure of what they sold me. The effects I had remind my a food poisoning, a mushroom poisoning in our case. I have cultivated 2 different strains (bought at the same laboratory), Golden Teacher and Mexican. Next time I would like to try the Mexicans but now I'm really scared to get the same bad side effects.
If I feel bad also with the next try, maybe it's like you said, my body can't tollerate them. Or what I cultivated is not what should be.  

Any suggestion for the next try? 
Or it's better I don't try anymore?


Posted by Chk (11/28/16 12:12 AM)
Dose is too low,  eat at least 2g next time
Posted by ChemicalSpark (11/27/16 01:43 PM)
Eat s light meal an hour or two before your next dose, and blend the shroom up into a fine powder. That should help with digestion...

A little nausea is to be expected. Don't be a weanie
Posted by TrippinArnold (11/27/16 12:02 PM)
Aw dude why would you force yourself to vomit? I would think that by itself would ruin the trip. Some nausea is to be expected, and usually passes after some time. 
Posted by BOZO (11/27/16 07:01 AM)
Very unusual and very bad luck for you... sorry to hear that. Are you sure the mushrooms looked normal ?-- no signs of any mold? Maybe you are sensitive and need a really tiny dose - I know 1 gram isn't so much, but some people can only tolerate a little bit, especially your first time.