Posted by uniquethinker (08/23/16 08:34 PM)
holy shit man, 3.5 on your first trip? haha, i've never done shrooms but your situation could have been avoided. Remember, be comfortable with your surroundings and trust the people you are with. Doesn't matter what drug it is, if you are not stable mentally, you will have a bad trip. Remember that next time you want to do drugs. I would advise you to not do drugs because you don't need to.  Drugs are not a necessity to living, but they can create experiences, negative and positive. But, I will not tell you what you can and what you cannot do because it is your life. 

Hope this opens your mind to what happened to you,

Posted by Maximillion (08/22/16 10:45 PM)
I ate an eighth my first time and I sat at my house and watched tv shows. Enjoyed the fractles. 
Posted by impatientguy (08/21/16 10:19 PM)
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