Posted by strangers (06/18/16 08:09 PM)
I wanted to explore my subconscious, and let them teach me. I know of people who took psilocybin just to "trip" and didn't know what was coming for them! I feel like I can see the word through a third eye, everything seems different as the mushrooms opened up a new door of perspective, took away my ego and took away any fear of the unknown.
Posted by gandalfe (06/18/16 01:04 PM)
Nice trip report and an enlightening experience.The main problem with folks interacting with Psilocybin cubensis, is that  they ,almost never take enough.The healing action, of this medicine, starts at 5 grams and over.You clearly took enough, and you learned something worthwhile.

Edited 6/18/2016 12:06 PM