Posted by Lysergic_surge (11/08/16 06:27 PM)
wow, i had an extremely similiar experience... you described hem perfectly. you doubt the shrooms, you hear them, they take you and your laying down, tubes go into my head, and they show me my memories. 
Posted by Rainbowmedicine (06/16/16 02:16 AM)

This is such a vivid experience. There are so many realities intersecting with 'this one'.

Thank you for posting it. I work with all manner of beings and, whether they are parts of myself or exist independently, they are certainly real. I am open to the possibility that they may be of my own imagining, but my experience speaks differently. I agree with McKenna that the earth and the universe, is intelligent and filled with intelligences. Jung, towards the end of his career and despite the inevitable scepticism of those around him, acknowledged that he believed the archetypes are real and exist independently of us.

Personally, after my experience of heroic doses, if I am ever asked 'Do you believe in god?' my reply is 'Do you believe in Birmingham?' I don't have to believe, because I have been there.

Happy exploring.


Posted by Psychogenic (05/22/16 02:23 PM)
It is well written, but I feel the entities were just a mental fabrication. You cant take this stuff seriously. They are hallucinogens after all! I hope you learned something from the trip.
Posted by Oompah Loomp (05/20/16 02:39 AM)
Very well written and detailed report, definitely reminiscent of some of Terrence's stories. Is it all in our brain, or is their a master intelligence weaved throughout it all? I guess it all depends on an individual's subjective opinion, yet all of my "heroic" doses have had a similar underlying tone. I find comfort in knowing that there is so much more to this life than what we perceive in our day to day doings. Its awesome that we can remind ourselves of the beauty of it all once in awhile. 

Happy responsible tripping!