Posted by GleptizM (05/13/17 04:51 AM)
Don't worry I've had bad trips too but if you go out into nature and get some fresh air it usually makes it better, Make sure your mentally prepared though. Onya brother
Posted by Caedmon04 (02/29/16 06:39 PM)
I have also had bad trips, and I have always noticed that it is when I am really messed up or I have a completely empty stomach and take too many fresh cubes. I mostly notice the negative when I am alone, however, I did try the Terence McKenna challenge and took 5 grams in complete darkness. That was an awesome experience! Especially listening to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon instrumental version. Do not let it discourage you, mushrooms have a crazy reaction but it honestly depends on your mindset and in my opinion the people around you.
Posted by champimagik (02/29/16 02:55 PM)
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