Posted by Mhushu (02/27/18 06:03 PM)
Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this captivating story. =)
Posted by Aleks (12/23/16 06:08 PM)
And how old are you man?
Posted by Josex (04/08/16 12:40 PM)
Que pasa Psycho! De donde eres tio? Cultiva, cultiva, no hay nada mas bonito y si te gusta ponerte to ciego mejor que mejor. No fuera bromas jaja es una herramienta de introspeccion excelente.

Cuidate socio!
Posted by Psychonautpaul (04/05/16 07:18 AM)
Tu post me ha dado ganas de cultivar mis propias setas jajaja
Por cierto tienes un nivel de ingl
Posted by AkashicExplorer (02/20/16 04:17 AM)
Thanks for the report, very mature in accepting your errors, you have indeed grown, my fellow psychonaut. 

By the way, where are you located? I am fluent in Spanish too!

Edited 2/20/2016 12:17 PM
Posted by Josex (01/14/16 07:28 PM)
Thanks for your feedback Tacodude! I really appreciate it. And yes, I'm really grateful for the experience. I think you can learn a lot from a bad trip and now I certainly have a different outlook on life.
Posted by tacodude (01/14/16 08:52 AM)
You took two oz of shrooms! That's a lot. You made the right choice going to the hospital as even though psilocybin mushrooms are safe and the ld50 is in the quarter lb range I believe meaning you were halfway there. The doctors definitely seemed to know how to take care of you and your father bringing in the mushroom treat was helpful as I am sure they knew what was up at that point. Just be glad you were not in the states as the hospitals here would not have people coming by to hear you out, but just to make sure you're not dead.

Be grateful for what you saw as even though it was an extremely foolish mistake you seemed to have gained a huge understanding through it..... Also next time you eat dry mushrooms chew them at least ten times to break the body and squeeze out the juices as they can be excreted whole.

Edit: I also want to add your English is great!

Edited 1/14/2016 1:37 PM