Posted by tacodude (01/07/16 03:17 AM)
He's right that is a huge clump I assume you pulled all out at once. That might have been a colonies first flush making those the only bodies it produces so not only did you not allow it to drop spores and reproduced, but pulled out a heavy clump of mycelium and damaged lots as if they all came in one chunk that means there was a lot of mycelium in between them that could've helped produce new fruits after these were picked properly or passed.

Next time bring little scissors, cut the mushrooms you are picking as close to the ground as possible to prevent mold from growing in the dead stem nub allowing it to attack the culture where it is vulnerable, and do not pick all of them just what you need even less if there is not enough and leave the two smallest ones behind for this patch, which would have made all the difference while even leaving the tallest one even if it's the biggest would be best as you allow the spores to fall becoming mycelium spreading further around the area and strengthening the colony that is already there by fortifying and strengthening and weakened areas.
Posted by VictorOG123 (01/06/16 05:40 AM)
But a great find
Posted by VictorOG123 (01/06/16 05:40 AM)
no no no no NO. Don't ever fucking rip out the mushroom u may have just ruined the ENTIRE mycelium patch.