Posted by AkashicExplorer (01/31/17 06:14 AM)
Where is the trip?? Wanna read it!
Posted by somechick (09/18/15 11:15 AM)
Thank you for all of the comments so far, i appreciate the positivity and feedback from all of you :) 
Posted by DustJuice (09/17/15 07:48 PM)
Sounds like a very intense and potentially life changing experience. Thanks for the report I enjoyed reading it :)
Posted by OysterKing (09/14/15 11:44 PM)
"There is nothing to fear but Fear itself"

Welcome to the Real World brother!

Nice write-up, I enjoyed sharing your experience. Thanks.

PS I'd be 'truly' interested to read more about your ideas...
Posted by champinhom (09/14/15 01:30 PM)
I comiserate with you, and am glad you got some insight --it is just too bad you had to get it at the expense of the mushroom community. I mean, every time somebody winds up in an emergency room because they ate some psilocybin mushrooms  it gives the "ban the mushroom"  clique more ammo  tro use in their final push to victory--i.e., banning the sale of spores no matter what use they are ostensibly being sold for. Your "trip" helped their cause and even lends it a certain amount of understandablilty. I mean, if people raise these mushrooms and eat them and run mad because of it, what should a responsible govenment do but  impede and prohibit the disemination of the means of cultivation of said mushroms?
Posted by somechick (09/12/15 02:42 PM)
i added a link to my other post that has the picture. The pic is really bad, but i counted over 15 caps in there.
Posted by hayabuser (09/12/15 02:52 AM)
Beautiful  report. I can totally emphasize for what was going on between you and your mother. I have similar feelings for my mother and it was during tripping that I noticed how much she and my dad have stressed  the shit out of me all my life., and Im pretty sure I have PTSD and severe emotional trouble as well. Psychedelics, especially when the get really visual and opening, hVe their way on making these things so obvious. It seems.

Last paragraph is also bomb :) 

Happy travelling

Posted by Mind-Rip (09/12/15 01:15 AM)
Holy fuck. Thats some crazy stuff you went thru man. Im happy you came out of it feeling good. Also the pic you uploaded didnt come through. Try uploading it again I wanna see how much you took.