Posted by 4sostrander (08/06/15 11:40 AM)
Growing mushrooms (and tripping in public) in a government as oppressive and authoritarian as Maoist China seriously takes some balls. Manufacturing drugs or counterfeit medicine are two separate charges they could get you for, and both are capital offenses punishable by death. The Chinese government is not scared to execute foreigners, even Westerners, who break the law. They do it fairly often actually. 

You obviously know all of this already, I'm just shocked that you'd take that risk at all. Kudos. And great trip report too! The part with the bratty kid made me laugh pretty hard.
Posted by hayabuser (07/25/15 03:32 AM)
Great post man
Posted by Stargate (07/21/15 11:36 PM)
Hopefully those pics can get activated. Could you possibly pose links to them?
Posted by egoproctor (07/21/15 05:07 PM)
Hells bells this website's picture management system is not very user friendly.    Grrrrrr.   
Posted by egoproctor (07/21/15 04:18 PM)
Ok pictures added. That was my trip. I remember wishing I had a chip in my brain to capture the smiling faces I was seeing. Oh well. Haha. 
Posted by egoproctor (07/21/15 01:10 PM)
grr it seem like the pictures are not loading.  I'll have to try and edit it again later.