Posted by Mike4aco (11/29/15 11:19 AM)
I did 0.20 grams before and I thought for a little while I was going to be permanently insane. That's crazy. How did you take your doses? I noticed a big variance in how hard I tripped with how I took it. First time it was in a tiny baggie like you'd see half gram to a g of weed
I filled the baggie with water drank it and 10 minutes later filled it up again to get the residue. 0.10 g and had a pretty decent trip. Also took three hits LSD. Then I took 0.20 in an oz of water and LSD and it felt much weaker. So I put 0.20 g in barely any water at all and drank it and I thought it was dumb strong level 5 strong. But it also took right at 1 hour to feel anything then 5-10 minutes to go holy shit shouldn't have taken this much I think lol