Posted by AkashicExplorer (12/11/17 10:40 AM)
Thanks guys!
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a very great experience about death in life. thanks for sharing

Posted by Cytochrome_P450 (05/23/15 04:45 PM)
Wow, thanks so much for sharing. I found it really interesting how you described repeatedly that things seemed to be electronic/rigid/mechanical etc. My last trip seemed to be like a warped sense of reality that I couldn't distinguish from my own imagination which is pretty fluid yet obsessive & repetitive. Not really electronic/mechanical though. At least that's how I interpreted what you wrote.

What kind of job do you do? Computer/factory based? I'd love to try whatever you took. When I get a bit more experienced at growing I might attempt some sclerotia.

Thanks again!

Love & hugs Ya'll!
Posted by Laughingcowwa (05/19/15 11:32 PM)
That's a pretty strong trip from truffles, I thought they were weaker than shrooms. Good trip by sounds of It even after a low dose.
Posted by Mushie23 (05/18/15 06:18 PM)
Great post brother, love reading people's reports who learn from them...or know they had a profound experience:)  
-Mushroom Love

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Posted by Justchillininaz (05/17/15 04:34 AM)
Wow! Such an amazing trip! Reminds me of my Salvia trips. I know what you mean about the world looking like a giant globe cube and how we are all being controlled by someone and that they are always making up the story. That is cool about the fourth deminsion I feel like if I trip too hard I reach this point and I want to break thru. I never new what ego death meant until you explained it. I felt this several times while tripping, awesome story. Made me appreciate the good times. Tripping in the dark is the best, I have to agree. I like to put on slow meditation Erie music on while I trip, ok see ya friend.