Posted by Spectacle (04/04/15 09:01 AM)
yaaaa. awesome find man ;D do use a pocket knife or scissors next time though to not damage the mycelium
Posted by Mr. Magic (04/02/15 01:01 PM)
You lucky bastard....congrats though man enjoy.
Posted by HelixSpores (04/02/15 11:06 AM)
put some in a blender and then mix it in with bird seed and feed it to the birdies. They will be SOARING probably into things. 
Posted by dwnlw2slw (03/29/15 08:18 PM)
Nice...did you pick those early though? And is that a joint lying next to them...;-)
Posted by Colours (03/28/15 08:41 PM)
Awesome! Those things are fat. Almost look like some PE. Carry a pocket knife next to cut right above the shit.
Posted by aura8 (03/28/15 08:59 AM)
awe good find!